Thursday, April 22, 2010

Intergenerational Justice

Chris Dillow discusses a book I want to read. Unfortunately the public library system here does not have the book. The topic is how well the Baby Boomers have exploited politics to benefit themselves at significant cost to following generations.
First, there’s the question: why aren’t the young more angry about all this? Is it because they are irrationally passive? Or is it because they are in other ways a more fortunate generation than us? They have much easier access to music than we did; mobile phones and Facebook allow them to stay in touch with friends more easily; and - thanks in part to increasing numbers of women at university - the sexes are much better integrated than in my day. Maybe their quietness is a sign that we haven’t left them so badly off.
And maybe we have given them such awful educations that they can no longer think critically. And not analyze as Chris does.


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