Thursday, April 01, 2010

Reasonable Accomodation

There is some controversy in Quebec as they there enact a bill limiting total face-covering in certain claims for government services.
It's like a major bonus that hubby steps in with his views.
They always teach us that eye contact is important in giving a speech, no one told that face is a part. A lot of people communicate by phone, through chat, as long as they hear each other it could happen, even by just hand movement it could be done.
Err, no, 'they' also like to see the muscles around the mouth, and around the eyes hidden by veils. You are a dimwit.
So are you suggesting that men should also feel free to wander around in those stupid outfits, all covered up. I suspect our society might struggle with that puppy.
I actually am inclined to allow anyone to dress any idiotic way they want to, but I can sure see concerns. And dorks like you will provoke legislation that I might initially oppose to allow you to prepare to rob banks and convenience stores with impunity.
My final word is that when you give the government the right to limit the freedom of choice in any issue, one day it will come against you, and they will limit your freedom.
Wow you sound like John Stuart Mill, who is a hero of mine. Fucking goverment will make me and my wife wake up in the morning and dress exactly as we would have with no laws in place.
And you, well, your wife, my clown?


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