Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Amazing Race Finale

We are here in a couple of minutes!
We start in Shanghai, one of the most amazing cities I have ever been in. And now to San Francisco, a stunning city I have always loved!
The brothers lost me in the first 10 minutes with the line-jumping. Curious to see where this leads. But give the brothers credit - they pick a bicyclist and he identifies the tower!
My God! Rock-climbing on COIT Tower!
The mutual respect of all the remaining teams is quite nice.
And what a witty final major challenge at Lucasfilm! How much did Lucas pay?
Of course the cowboys are also brothers so it got funnier, especially as they hate to give up their hats! I have NO idea what went on at Lucasfilms.
I am utterly impressed that the brothers were prepared for a memory challenge! So good. They are not my favorites but they have been good.
Of these last teams there is not one I am against. I especially believe Caite has removed the idea that she is an idiot; the brothers may cavil but they have courage and determination, and the cowboys are cowboys in the best sense.
Too funny at the end that memory is the theme! As it has been on the blog.
I do have fond memories of Candlestick Park myself. The caviling brothers were not my favorites but I think it was not a bad season finish! I still wish the cowboys had won, and I am glad Caite is decidedly provably no fool! (Fun to see how sour the lesbians still look! - and the lesbians remain assholes!)
Good job Amazing Race. I look forward to next year!


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