Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I never watched an episode, and judging from the various bloggers I regularly read who did watch the show, I feel vindicated.
Had I watched it I probably would have agreed with Will Wilkinson's disappointment at the finale.
But really! It's just a TV series! What is all this nonsense about mulitple universes?
The finale of Lost pretended to be about the ultimacy and redemptive power of love, or something like that, but it exemplified instead the incoherent ruinous mess of our needy scattershot attachments, our whorish readiness to be doped by the dull, warm, indeterminate golden light. Speak not to me of love, Lost, if you know not love.
I suspect that the guys who wrote 'Lost' are having a giggle at all the bloggers who are doing far more literary work than they ever did.


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