Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bachelorette

How can anyone watch this show? Even having read RealitySteve's synopsis of almost everything this season, I find it wrenches my heart.
Ali seems simply utterly charming, and most of the guys are OK roughly, so when she basically has to tell one of them to piss off, as she just had to with Casey, I squirm for both sides.
It never even crossed my mind to watch this show or The Bachelor until the drama of Melissa Rycroft getting tossed and then reappearing on Dancing with the Has-Beens. I did not watch the Jake Pawelka season, but wish I had as he just seemed so nice during his time on Dancing with the Has-Beens. ABC has brilliant linking of several franchises.
I have no idea how Ali got selected from the Pawelka losers, but she seems just darling.
I could think of a whole bunch of criticisms of this kind of show, but how different is it from speed dating or various internet dating things.
I would half suspect that if ABC put a team to analyzing answers I gave to a survey and then went out to find twenty candidate women, they might have a shot at finding a woman I could live with for many years.
Though on the other hand the show has an unsurprisingly poor track record.
Of course I want to say I know full well the Canadian wrestler is NOT an OK guy.


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