Monday, June 14, 2010

Robert Fulford Heard Ghomeishi's Disgrace well, and writes on it well. But the quotation I will deliver is from a comment to Fulford's column.
"More important, Mishra (a well-travelled Indian-born professor and fierce critic of Hinduism) suggests that Hirsi Ali simply doesn’t understand the many varieties of Islam. They, too, are multilayered, like the Enlightenment, their identities “usually” influenced less by the Koran or Sharia than by politics, culture and economics. Those who know little about the issues would be left with the impression that she just isn’t bright enough to see reality as he does."
Multilayered huh. Shocking that a woman who suffered genital mutilation at 5, constant abuse simply because she was a woman, and currently is in the United States fearing for her life would be a touch biased at the utterly archaic nature of Islam in the middle east.
Moderates of all religions, creeds etc are welcome in Canada to uphold our desire to be multicultural. Heck, people who strongly lean to the left or the right (Ok, who am I kidding, just the left) are welcome in Canada. What's not welcome is extremists of any kind. Sharia law is extreme. Just as we should not tolerate extremist Christians, Jews, Hindus etc, we should not be tolerant of extremist Islam. Period.
This woman has a story to tell. Millions of people live under the oppressive and obsolete religious governments in the middle east and suffer for it. Arguments that other religions "used to do it" are irrelevant and detract fro the important message.
"“Surely this is subjective,” Ghomeshi said. There must be people in those countries who like the system."
Yes Jian. The men who treat women like chattel do like it. Very much so. Congratulations on utterly embarrassing yourself. How about we take searing knives to your genitals and see how open you are.


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