Monday, June 28, 2010

Heather Mallick is Still Equally Intelligent

Maybe they don't notice it at the Guardian.
She bemoans the fact that the Ontario teachers' Pension Plan is considering investing in a British high-speed rail line.
We'd love it if our teachers bought a high-speed rail line from us [Canada, she may mean. ed.]. If we had one to sell, which we don't.
There may not be a nation in the world that needs high-speed trains more than Canada does
Nor is there a nation in the world where it is less economical a proposition. Or to quote Tim Worstall (to whom a h/t is owed):
Large, sparesly populated, places are probably the last place you would want to build high speed railways.
If I wanted investment advice you can be sure I would go to the managers of the Ontario Teachers`Pension Plan long before I`d consider the amusement of asking Heather Mallick, though I am sure I would get some good laughs.


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