Thursday, June 24, 2010

Call a G20, and all the Loonies ...

... head for it!
Police have arrested a man near the G20 security zone who had an arsenal of weapons, including a crossbow and chainsaw, in a makeshift storage container on top of his car.
'Arsenal' seems a bit generous.
The car has Ontario license plates, and a bumper tied on with string. On top of the car sat a homemade storage container fashioned from sheet metal.
From it, police removed a crossbow, five arrows, a sledgehammer, a pick-axe, a chainsaw, a baseball bat, a gasoline canister and a cola bottle. A hazardous materials team took samples from the bottle, canister and water containers on site, and a K9 unit was also brought to the scene
Sounds like a do-it-yourself hunter, who likes to carry emergency supplies in case he runs out of gas or gets thirsty in an isolated location.
Still I am pleased he is not driving around my neighborhood!


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