Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm With the Defence!

I wonder how this will come out!
On Monday, Crown witness Katherine Young, a professor of religion at McGill University, said she had concluded the church, which has about 4,000 members in Canada, does not qualify as a religion.
However, during cross-examination yesterday, defence lawyer George Filipovic fired back: “No respectable scholar would make a conclusion without speaking to a single member of the group [being assessed]. Yet you determined the Church of the Universe is not a religion by only reading their website. Academics would laugh at you.”
Errrr, while I sympathize with the defence's point, I think he has an ill-placed faith in 'academics', who seem to me in my life experience to be far more credulous than the average stranger sitting next to me at a bar. After all, they have spent years mostly reading what other people wrote as a source of information, which it can, of course, be, at times.
Moreover, let us recognize - this 'expert' was a 'professor of religion'; so there are no facts on the ground, only some written stuff!
Moreover, I want one day to start a religion of my own, like Scientology, so I can cash in on the various benefits. I can barely dream of ever getting 4,000 members.


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