Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poor Ben Bernanke is SO Polite

... as he has to testify before this blithering idiot who somehow get elected, probably by offering to rain other people's money down on his constituents' heads.

Not only is Connolly ignorant and stupid, he is rude as well; as I recall Maxine Waters being as well when Bernanke tried to explain the smallest thing about monetary policy to her.
via HotAir who do a short analysis to explain that the problem being discussed has been created pretty much entirely by this Congress and administration.
And at another level of remove, via Transterrestial Musings, where one commenter writes:
Actually, the part of that exchange that I think was notable was the Congressman’s arrogant snark at the end. Must be nice to be an economist. Like, oh pity poor responsible us, forced to make all these hard choices while you just carp and criticize and nastily point out that 2 + 2 = 4 regardless of how many votes we got in the last election.
That would be barely tolerable in a public servant if they actually did make the tough choices. But they don’t. Indeed, here’s this arrogant snot spending his constituent’s money sitting in a totally pointless hearing trying to score pity points on cablte TV instead of, say, poring over the budget books back in his office trying to figure out the right way to snip $100 million.


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