Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zombie on the California Primaries

Zombie is one of my favorite bloggers - stationed in Berkeley, California, once my home, and studiously documenting the persistent ludicrousness of that community (where they recently proposed canceling high school science labs because of their disparate impact). But today Zombie reflects on the awfulness of the California primaries this week.
The summary is too exact:
since all four of the nominees are vaguely nauseating, the race in November will come down to which candidates one dislikes the least. Who do you want representing you: power-hungry dinosaurs or out-of-touch zillionaires? A depressing prospect indeed.
But the details are worth reading so go do that here. All I know is that after seeing Boxer's pissy 'call me Senator' moment, I'd love to see her utterly removed from public life.


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