Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We Fund Them to Teach English

All levels of government - here is an easy way to save money.
This is the English produced (in writing) by the VP of the organization! (This is all in the context of an assault on a protestor by the clown who wrote this prose.)
With some interests I viewed you show tonight with Michael Coren where part of the discussion was about the Video and alleged assault which M.C already appointed himself as Judge, Jury and Prosecutor. If you’re in doubt, Just check his blog.
That’s why Frankly, I didn’t include M.C in this email (Feel free to share it with him if you wish), because of his record on Canadian Arab Federation, Pro-Palestinians groups and me personally, A record which is full of subjectivity and biases. (at least in my view and the views of thousands of people that I know), unfortunately, the National post hasn’t better then M.C in many cases and issues. But that’s OK, it is having the right to your say, but I don’t think it is an open right to insult and dehumanize!
So I am writing you both, just to let you get the “other side” of the story of the video posted on both BFC and “discussed” on Michael Coren
This person, Arnie Lemaire has demonstrated a total lack of objectivity and decency on his blog by posting all kind of very slanderous, insulting statements and videos. Just to name few from Islamophobic, Anti Immigrants, Anti Human rights and attacked many people including human Rights commission, his blog comes across is so racist nasty, even he hinted advocating guns and violence against pro-palestinians…etc.
ow, To the point of the alleged assault, the police have assigned location for Pro-Palestine Crowd and JDL. He crossed form the point of (JDL) gathering to a near side to our location and started taking Videos and recording the event.
I went to his side calling him by his name which may have surprised him as he’s been uncovered, he started taunting. I never touched him. yes, I asked him if he’s a tough guy, he put the camera on my face, I put my hand blocking the Camera and told him that I didn’t give him permission to videotape me. he get hysterical in taunting. I told him you’re pussy cat and go to the side of “their ” location. Then, I left him and talked to the police to remove him back to their side.
That’s all what’s happened and for someone heard taunting throughout the encounter, it is very interesting to cry victimization.
I will grant it bears a vague resemblance to English but if we have governments paying this guy's organization to teach English I suspect we could use a decent auditor along the way!
This is so clownishly pathetic as an attempt at English that the Canadian Arab Foundation should toss him as an exec or all the funding governments should shut the funding down. It is clearly not helping!


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