Friday, July 30, 2010


Discovery Canada is running a 'documentary' that will deliver some opinions on the reasons of the crash of a Concorde that essentially led to the end of that project.
I do recall how that saddened me. In 1978-1979 I lived in Oxford and one of the daily delights was to be able to look up and see a Concorde on its flight path into Heathrow. As a North American (as I really realized I was that year!) I was not so caught up in the French-UK co-operation that delivered that airplane as Europeans might have been, but it gave me feelings a bit like those that came from the moon landing 10 years earlier. This funny little species can sure do stuff!
It was a different time, excited about our technologies, and eager for new ones. We seem to be developing new inhibitions now, and I regret this.
I am enjoying this documentary, as it explores a lot of the stunning technology that made this a fly-by-wire enterprise beyond anything before.
Will we have supersonic commercial air transport in 50 years? I expect so; and those who enjoy it need to look back on the Concorde and be thankful.


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