Friday, July 30, 2010

What is it That the Unbelievers Have that we don't Have?

Hirsi Ali asks herself this question noticing that she is among a swarm of asylum seekers in Holland, almost all of whom are fleeing typically dysfunctional Muslim societies. It's a sign of a pretty open mind, willing to pose difficult questions, and work through them.

Ghomeshi, for whom I have some respect as an interviewer, squirms like crazy at her straightforward analysis of how useless, comparatively speaking, Muslim societies are, compared to secular Western societies. He is visibly unwilling to think through her questions.
She is so calm and direct, and his squirming is so hilarious. It is sad how deeply our multi-culti ideologies warp even reasonably sensible brains.The glaring irony, of course, is that Ghomeshi's family got the hell out of Iran when they could, and have no visible intention of giving up on secular Western democracies. As she points out, the traffic works largely in ONE direction. I'm not planning to try to fight my way into Jordan soon.
h/t Kate (though I recall hearing this on the radio and finding it agaizingly CBCish).


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