Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contador! Charteau! Pellacchi! Schleck!

The last leg of the Tour de France was pretty much its ceremonious natural self, except perhaps for a little uncertainty from one breakaway that never seemed to me as vulnerable as the race commenters wanted to suggest on tleevision, but hey one needs drama.  Some drama, but only a little, as Paris simply offers its beauty as the race finishes.
For me the highlight of the coverage this morning was the interview with Andy Schleck in which he indicated he is already thinking about next year; as am I.  And the eyes were twinkling again, as he said he has no disappointments this year.  Well, I hope he has a better bike mechanic next year.  No chain slips, please.
And I hope Frank can join him!
Congratulations to all the jersey winners.


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