Friday, July 02, 2010

Family Values

Yet another tale of freaked out controlling male idiots inspired by religious stupidity, from the stupidest religion.
A HARRY Potter star’s dad and brother have been charged with threatening to kill her after an alleged bust-up over her new boyfriend.
Afshan Azad, who has appeared in four of the films as one of the wizard’s screen girlfriends Padma Patil, hails from a strict Muslim family.
She was allegedly attacked at her parents’ home ­after she had started dating the new lad.
Her dad Abdul, 54, has appeared in court accused of threatening to kill her. The actress’s brother Ashraf, 28, faces the same charge and an allegation that he assaulted her causing actual bodily harm.
I would say the mental apparatus these lads have is significantly morally worse than the British norm.


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