Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hmmmm - Stupid Reality Show Questions

"If you are in the continental United States and you are following the sun, which direction are you headed?"
This is a question posed to a "beauty" contestant on the "Beauty and the Geek" reality show I was just watching.
What is the correct answer?
My view is that the question is meaningless as stated.
She said "East", and was judged as wrong, and I find that outrageous.
If I am in the continental United States (a ridiculous part of the question, as the answer should not differ based on location - unless you are at a pole), and follow the sun in the morning in the sense of heading for it, I am clearly headed east. Well, in the morning. In the afternoon, in a state of total frustration, I will head the other way. And this will happen day after day. OK maybe this marks a geek - the geek will figure out an underlying model and the 'beauty' will just be frustrated.
So what does 'following the sun' mean?
Well, don't expect a reality show to speak with any precision on that!
And that 'wrong' answer eliminated her team. If this really mattered I might want to make an issue of it, but I suspect it is from a season several years ago, and the show does not matter anyway except as a weird form of soft porn.
(BTW I love 'Beauty and the Geek', as a geek happily married to a beauty - who would immediately recognize what a stupid question this is, as she is also a geek.)


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