Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Stupid is Evan Solomon?

I have already suggested he is pretty stupid.
So his small brain took another step today, reporting that apparently Czech female cabinet ministers and officials were participating in making a cool calendar with sexy saucy pictures.
Little dim bulb Solomon is amazed this can happen and wonders why it does not in Canada?
Let me ask little dim bulb Evan and his CBC bosses what treatment cute women cabinet ministers would get in Canada if they allowed themselvs to show up in any slightly saucy way?
Little dim bulb Evan and his equally dim bulb CBC manager/bosses would be outraged and drive outrage.
He is a little slime in my view. It would be beter in many ways to live in the Czech Republic and not have to suffer this twit as a supposed pundit.
He is a deeply sad and very little man.


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