Monday, July 05, 2010

Is He the Stupidest President Ever?

Sure looks that way. Like, really, WTF has NASA to do with The One's brain-dead Cairo speech?

How dense can one be? Of course , this guy who now runs NASA is also pretty clearly a very dim bulb or he would have erupted with laughter at the job description THE One gave him.
There is something deeply hilarious about this interview. Of course no Muslim nation has contributed much scientifically in remembered time (yeah they were good at transmission a few centuries ago when Christianity was the stupidest religion, but it has given up that title). Bolden credits the Japanese and Russians with helping in space (were I a really nationalistic Canadian I would scream why leave us out), and somehow this Al Jazeera interview suggests this creates a role for which Muslim nation?
Far and way the dumbest President ever, and appointing the dumbest administrators.


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