Monday, August 16, 2010

Dog Bites Man

Hey, it'd be nice if I had more money!
I think the government should force you to give it to me since you have not chosen to do so voluntarily!
Members of the executive committee heard from former prima ballerina Karen Kain, Toronto International Film Festival co-director Cameron Bailey, actors Eric Peterson and Albert Schultz and representatives from local arts advocacy agencies.
They’re calling on the city to increase the current $18 per capita spending to $25, which was supposed to happen by 2008.
Yes! That is how to handle an economic slowdown. Channel money away from people doing actual jobs to people in the arts!
These people turn my stomach.


At 9:02 AM, Blogger rondi adamson said...

I wish Schultz weren't one of these boneheads. For some reason I thought he would be smarter. (Don't know why I thought that.) I'd love to see cat rescue work get public funding, since it is a public service and a community problem caused by stupid people, but that'll never happen...


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