Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Stupid is Pelosi?

Very, I'd say. You don't even need some of her past classic dull-witted performances, like you have to pass the health-care bill to find out what's in it. Her current one is just classic.

I have expressed my opinion, and damn, I must have missed out on the major funding opportunity! You know, posting on a blog with a skeptical view of this effort, or phoning in to your Congressman to say the idea stinks in your view, that surely requires lots of funding, unlike, say, erecting a monster tribute to Islam in the middle of Manhattan, which is surely funded by $5 contributions from sweet-natured Muslims world-wide.
Is there a stupider woman in the world? She must have one hell of a constituency to even think she could be re-elected after this one. Of course in San Francisco there probably are such constituencies.


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