Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad Arguments

I think there are good arguments for favoring the Ground Zero Mosque or Park51 Center to proceed, but holy shit this one does not address anything but the stupidest strawmen of the arguments against.
Let me please understand how many of the 9/11 murderers carried out their tasks because they were committed to:
  1. prostitutes
  2. compulsive gamblers
  3. super-sizers
  4. BBQ-eaters
  5. natural food morons (there is probably quite an overlap here with fanatical Muslims I agree, but it is peripheral)
  6. Irish pub goers (I guarantee no real overlap there, except for Atta's night on the town before self-immolation)
  7. whopper-eaters
  8. health food idiots (see above)
  9. donut-eaters (stand up Canada!)
  10. street-stand salespeople (?) Not sure what rhetorical image is here
  11. ditto
  12. ditto
In his defence he says:
Sarah Palin wrote that, “it would be an intolerable and tragic mistake to allow such a project sponsored by such an individual to go forward on such hallowed ground.” Look at the photos. This neighborhood is not hallowed. The people who live and work here are not obsessed with 9/11. The blocks around Ground Zero are like every other hard-working neighborhood in New York, where Muslims are just another thread of the city fabric. At this point the only argument against this project is fear, specifically fear of Muslims, and that’s a bigoted, cowardly and completely indefensible position.
What a pathetic straw man. Worse, LGF has started long ago signing up to such ridiculous straw men. I can think of lots of meanings of "hallowed" where prostitutes were no offence, nor gays, like Greg Gutfeld's!

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