Sunday, August 29, 2010


What a great collage of videos from the NY Times!
I like this collage in many ways; some are obvious simply from the fact I am male.  But there are others.
For one thing the videos seem to make the women look the way they really look live, not with the added pounds TV somehow seems to pack on them.
Moreover, the selection of shots (in both senses)  are pretty appropriate in many cases.
Clijsters is well known as someone who can slide wide on any surface, and her video shows what that means in terms of recovery, where she has to support herself on one hand to pop back into the air to free her feet to return to a defensive position.  Note also how she plants her right foot assuming it will slide a little farther. (And Clijsters is one who tends to look less vertical on TV, where this video shows how lean she is - I will never forget walking behind her at last year's Rogers Cup.)
The Serena video is about what one would expect - I love her concentration.  Watch the eyes.
Dementieva, the great scrambler, is filmed reaching wide for a shot, as she so often has to.  One can see easily why she plays this style so well.  It's wonderful how she's turning to get back to the court even as she hits.  And watch those eyes.
I'd never noticed Jankovic's body in general, but that clip changes my mind!
Stosur, who has been one of my favorites since the 2009 French Open, displays that musculature; watch the leg muscles vibrate!  And those arms!
They powdered up the rackets for Azarenka and Zvonareva and in both cases the video is again all about the eyes.
We are fotunate that the videos do not include the grunting and screaming that comes out of these players.
And by the way, none of them plays with the hair flowing free.
Still, an utterly enjoyable few minutes.



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