Monday, September 27, 2010

DWTS Live-Blog 20100927

Damn missed the first dance!
Judges pretty happy with Rick Fox .  (Cheryl is a genius.)
And now Florence Henderson!  Go Flo!
She IS A performer!  This was not major athleticism but it was sweet.
Bruno cites "Driving Miss Daisy".  Carrie liked the footwork.  Len - liked it!
Flo is a pro!
7-6-6 (challenged by Flo)
Brandy!  I just learned she is an R&B 'artist'.  And she has Maksim.  And hates having to work"  Let us please punt her tomorrow!   Maksim has been for years a great coach.  Brandy not so consistent on anything.
My read on this - she did not give a crap.  Maksim threw himself into it and that made it worse.  We shall see.
Carrie: good with better shoes.  Len - worse than last week (my old coot) - Bruno OK but please be better.
Michael Bolton and Chelsie?
This was great!  I could have done that!
And the judges seem to agree - he was as bad as I would be.
4-5-3 (I may have got hat wrong).
I might be able to beat that,especially latched onto Chelsie Hightower.  Hmmmmm.
Audrina Patridge comes out!  Tony says he needs longer hours.  Kudos.
Basically judges give big improvement message! Rightly!)
Bruno is mean but it was roughly their target!
OK Jennifer Grey whom I love but still wonder why she is here.  But with Derek ...
Dammit - I had a complaint with her even being on the show.  OK that is gone.
Carrie: Bionic bunny!
Len : Nothing Grey!
Bruno: Killer Jive - so hard to do and she did it.
She was gorgeous.  But why invite her still?
8-8-8 - maybe even conservative scores - she is astonishing
Interesting - Sarah Palin is interviewed.  Well, her daughter is on and she speaks so well as her daughter's mother.  I doubt even Clinton could have spoken so well.
Margaret Cho
It is nice to see women realize they have nice legs.  But do not bore me this way.  Personally I do not believe she worked very hard on this.
"Everything I had."  Bruno says tuck in the butt, and Carrie work on posture
Kyle Massey coming? Who is he? He Was fun last week.
And wow! again this week.  Who is he?
Kurt Warner and the fabulous Anna (she is far and way my favorite dancer on the show).
So yeah this getting emotional for me.
"Everybody's favorite uncle at the wedding".
7-7-7 (so nice words but not quite the score).  Go Anna!!!!
Aha now we have The Situation!  I have no idea who that is.  I want him gone.  And the rehearsal tapes are not helping.  How could an audience pint the Hoff, who at least tried,and keep this jerk?  How much can the lovely Karina care?  Sure his survival is income for her but one goes only so far.
And I can only say she was fabulous and he barely adequate.  Please please vote him off a week late.
Len - "A series of unfortunate events."
6-6-6 - very kind
"Teen activist" Bristol Palin!  What a society! But I still love her Mom! (And she as there!)
Carrie wants her back and Len thinks she is on the edge of being quite good. Pretty sweet.  ABC are so smart.
I will not vote this week but she would get a good fraction from me, just from Mark Ballas' comments.
Love the damned show!


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