Monday, September 27, 2010

Streets of Gold?

Apparently perhaps not as much as hoped.
Forty per cent of newcomers to Canada say that managing finances is more difficult than they expected, according to a recent RBC poll. Additionally, close to half (47 per cent) are worried that they will not have enough money to live comfortably.
My emphasis above.  I wonder what they mean by comfortably.  (This was apparently Chinese and South Asians, here less than ten years).
Since RBC is behind it the article has its share of puff advice about what to do.  I loved the idea of establishing a good credit rating.  Then you can borrow your way to comfort!   We've been there.
My favorite line though was this:

Environics conducted a total of n=598 interviews among Chinese and South Asian immigrant residents in British Columbia and Ontario who have lived in Canada for 10 years or less.
What is the purpose of that "n=" interjection?  If you remove it that changes the meaning in no way.
Oh except for leaving out the implication, "and by  the way, I who write this am very sophisticated about statistics".


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