Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How to Deal with the Windbag's Speeches

I can no longer watch them.  He is too tedious, self-satisfied, and simply lies freely.  But I have discovered how to deal with them; read the drunk-blogging version - it's a lot more fun.
Tonight, after 18 tumultuous months in office, President Obama faces his toughest challenge yet: To claim credit in Iraq without driving a thankful nation to laughter and tears, but mostly laughter.
Of course the little wretch cannot behave with any degree of maturity; the pettiness is permanent:
Bush got a mention, the troops got two mentions — but I haven’t hear thanks to either one.
And a nice summary:
Short speech. Delivered… as competently as I’ve ever heard him, which isn’t saying much.
But if there was a theme, I couldn’t detect it. Things wound down in Iraq, but the Man from Mars watching this speech would have no idea why. Things just… wound down, causelessly. And things are winding up in AfPak, so that we might defeat a terror network currently more active in Yemen and Somalia and elsewhere. And veterans are wonderful, and we can rely on our soldiers and… so we should support his domestic program?
There was some stirring language, some nearly-stirring imagery. But otherwise, this speech was as devoid of content as your typical Presidential Arbor Day Awareness Pamphlet.
 Stephen Green also rightly links to Obama's opposition to the surge.   Hypocrite is too kind a word for the little creep.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Claude said...

I still cannot believe that this empty minded robot, who is saying words he hasn't written and doesn't understand, in a monotonous, cold-blooded, unfeeling voice is the President of the United States of America. Even when he asked God's blessing for the country, at the end of the speech, we knew that this alien creature doesn't give a damn about God and USA. He (I call him: IT) warms up only when he (IT) is promoting B.H.O.

It's OK if you cannot accept my comment. It did me good to write it. I have good, respectable, decent, intelligent friends in that country. We cry together for this tragic travesty. How can this have happened to USA...


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