Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing With the Stars - Wow!

With so many contestants left, I understand the idea of filling time with fond memories. It annoyed me at first, as I also wanted to check Toronto election results, but my annoyance faded fast when I switched channels and it had taken all of five minutes to find out who our mayor-elect is.
Anyway it was fun.
And the the dances. Well, all I can say is, wow, Brandy, wow! I had no idea who you were when this season started. And whatever you were, you can sure dance.
I have moved from last week's prediction to the idea that nobody can knock Brandy off.
ABC will surely do something to cast more doubt into the rest of the season but tonight was simply ridiculous.
I will say loved Jennifer Grey's performance but certainly got the point of the judges.
Bristol Palin is charming.
Anyway till later tonight and the elimination.


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