Monday, October 25, 2010

Smitherman Concedes

9:05 pm roughly.
I am sure you will be able to find lots of YouTube and stuff. I will just comment. And I feel for him; I think he is a good guy but really incompetent. And then the CBC loses contact. Great country. OK cutting into it on CP24.
He thanks the 'Purple Army'. What the hell is that? He thanks them for their complete devotion to him. I will never vote for him ever again for anything. Thanks his capo. Big deal Thanks Mom, Sis , extended family. Well let's hope he likes them.
Says everyone worked hard. Claims to own up to his mistakes. Not enumerated.
Thanks other losers.
Especially Sarah Thomson (I really liked her, despite her stupid choice to support him).
He now starts lecturing Ford (and he is right from my point of view - Ford does have to work with the Councillors).
He talks about the hard work - and I would not take it on, so I suspect he has no better alternative. Not so impressive that he engaged in his campaign stunts etc.
He wants Council and Mayor to pull together - well voters have said clearly he has no role in this.
He thought the election was his to win? What? That is gracious?
His new son? WTF? Is he going crazy though his fans like it.
This is getting really long! Surely Ford wants to talk soon.
Oh for God's sake he holds some kid in his hands and asks for applause.
I hope this guy never reappears in politics in my life.
He was a bad candidate here and would surely be worse in any other role.
Commentators said this was gracious - sorry I missed all of it.
How dumb can the media be? He could have conceded in five minutes and let Ford go - no, not Smitherman - let's ramble forever and get as much limelight we can get and let us get them shoot a baby in my arms in case anyone might ever think of voting for me again for anything; it won't be me.
The media are useless - they remain upset that Ford has won and want Smitherman to be the cutie. It is true Ford will not be. Stupidity.


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