Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 Finale - "It's Just a Milkshake"

A beautifully acted scene where Sally spills a milkshake and the whole Draper family is about to go into their normal mode of excess anger and recrimination. Don goes all tense and Sally looks apprehensive.
Megan's intervention, starting to clean up and indicating there is no real problem, defusing the impending explosion, astonishes Don and Sally. Hamm and Shipka are just superb in how they reflect their astonishment at Megan's peace-making and sheer competence, with none of the Draper family hysteria. This is a new world!
(Yes I am coming around to finding Megan less weird as Don's choice, as I should as a fond Canadian, with both the actress and character Canadian.)
This show is clearly so carefully constructed that the smallest gestures are worth close attention. And the actors all deliver magnificently.
A couple of other GREAT lines. Roger's "Who the Hell's that?" when Don refers to Megan as Miss Clavet. It was a lovely reference back to Roger's saying he would have to get to know the names of some of his employees before firing them.
And after re-watching, I am a bit worried about Ken's "Cynthia is my life," as Peggy leaps into his arms as they conclude essentially the only business the firm has picked up in ages.
And what was visible through the window as the episode closed?


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