Monday, October 25, 2010

Over-think much, Ian? - The Current version

Subject title slightly stolen from here.
On this morning's The Current on the CBC (you can find out how much this show impresses me by searching on thee name and averaging what the posts contain) guest host Ian Hanomansingh asked guest Michelle Shepard, something like "Can you explain why the Canadian public doesn't have a lot of sympathy for Omar Khadr?"  (That linked-to Wikipedia entry will be a party in the next while.)
I almost drove off the highway.  One has to very careful listening to The Current.
The good news of the day is that Khadr has finally plead guilty and publicly admitted he murdered a soldier.  this will end, I hope, the national yammering over such a tiny and technical subject. The bad news is that he will be walking the streets of Canada in what I hope is my lifetime.


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