Friday, October 22, 2010

London, Ontario Trying to become a Laughingstock

I love London, Ontario and have posted many times in praise of activities there; it hosts a great University and many fine insurance companies.
And I am really unsure of the facts regarding the London Convention Centre's actual discussions regarding Mark Steyn's planned appearance there, but they certainly have made themselves now extremely well-known over the world. Or at least that part of the world that is no fan of Sharia or Islamist ambitions, as it appears they have simply succumbed to pressures from that quarter.
Moose and Squirrel's Natasha summarizes some of the discussion:
Still, I think it’d be great if the LCC’s manager could get her story straight; so far I’ve heard/read about three different versions. What’s clear, contrary to Ms Da Silva’s protestations that no Muslims complained, is that the LCC employee who spoke to Andrew Lawton confirmed they’d received pressure from Islamic groups, hence they were canceling to avoid alienating Muslim clients. Were they actually pressured? Who knows… It doesn’t really matter, since they capitulated anyway.
What a pathetic society we are turning into. I was proud as we let Christianity turn into the sad joke it is today, as it poisoned my childhood. We should make Islam as ridiculously pathetic as it should be and as soon as possible, please, and free its young victims from the misery it imposes.


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