Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rob Ford's 'As It Happens' Interview

I heard it over the radio and am not sure how as I listen to radio only in bed or in the car. My guess is it was as I was falling asleep and the CBC was retreading it somehow.
But the funny fact is that CBC clearly wanted to talk to him on this evening 'live' discussion show (I know I did not hear it live ), and this occurs around 6:30 pm, and Ford was coaching football at Don Bosco high school (they are in their playoffs, it seems ), so he wound up talking to the hosts during practice. It was hilarious, and he gave less than half his attention to the CBC.
You can read a nice description here and follow Chris Selley's links to an attempted transcript of a somewhat Dadaist interview. (I suspect Selley is wrong and this was a practice, with a game coming up later in the week.)
I think Selley's speculations are very good, after all, who outside the Annex would listen to 'As It Happens'?
Chris reports that the Toronto tweetiverse erupted during this show. I will only say I thought it utterly charming - this guy, the new mayor-elect, agrees for some reason to an interview to be held by cellphone, during a football practice he is coaching. I have been a sports coach and I thought his priorities were perfect - make sure the practice will be effective first, and then deal with this gnat on the phone as you can. And his empty answers to Carol Off's empty questions were a perfect match.
But I love Selley's closing point:
if you find yourself particularly outraged that Mr. Ford blew off CBC — Of! All! Networks! — you probably haven’t even begun to come to terms with why Mr. Ford won the election in the first place, and might well win the next one.
My guess is we will see lots of blowing off of the CBC, pandered to of course by the awful Miller, in the next four years. And I doubt any of it will hit Ford's base - which now includes Super-Creative-Class me.


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Charming?! I'd hate to see your idea of "boorish".

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Look - Ford was too busy for the useless CBC. I thought that charming.


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