Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Last Night's Dancing With the Stars

Whatever the psychology of fans of the show, last night's show was great evidence of why it is as popular a franchise as it is.
For one, as a live show, it allows some real suspense in tricks like last night's second dance, giving the dancers only 45 minutes to prepare to an assigned piece of music.
And then the personalities.
The charm of Kyle (whoever he is - it is not surprising that I have no idea, given that they call him a Disney star) and his constant improvement are nice, especially combined with Lacey's exuberance at the scores for the first dance.
Jennifer Grey's vulnerability and sheer excellence as a dancer makes me care about her performance, and her daughter.
As a football fan, I have long known Kurt Warner's story, and he has amazed me at his lasting this long, and it easy to see why he is well-liked.
It's been fun watching Bristol Palin improve, though she is surely doomed this week, and even more fun has been the background coverage involving Mama Grizzly. Bristol struggles so hard to perform, but it clearly is very hard for such a self-contained person.
And Brandy! I had never heard of her but sure know who she is now, partly, I am sure, because she had the good luck to be paired with Maks, who always seems to have a conflicted relationship with his celebrity. And can she ever dance.
As for the second dances:
Kyle's was amazing on 45 minutes of rehearsal. It shows how great a studeent he is and how good a teacher Lacey Schwimmer has been for him.
Jennifer's was stunning (3 10's!)as well, and it is nice to watch her legs, too. BTW, talk about Dumbo, I learned in this show that her father is Joel Grey! This is about as ignorant as when I did not realize Ione Skye's ancestrry.
Kurt also did as well as in his rehearsed dance.
I felt sorry for Bristol - as Len said, the rumba is really tough for the untrained and unmusical. She is only a point behind Kurt, though, and I wonder if the votes will keep her around again, as they did last week removing Rick Fox. Also curious was Mark's patting her bottom.
Brandy was also fabulous whatever Carrie-Ann says, clearly enraging Maks.
Thanks, Lacey, Anna, and Bristol for the short dresses. Shame on you, Brandy! :-)
This instant dance idea is a great innovation.


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