Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election Hangover

A couple of post-US-election YouTubes.
Marco Rubio's lovely victory speech:

And it is lovely and it is the voice of someone close to those who have lived in deeply more godawful places, and with a family that does not forget this.
"It doesn't matter if your Dad was a bartender and your Mom was a maid."
And then there is Ms. Mischief, Mama Grizzly-in-Chief:

I do not recall who to h/t on this, but one good blogger pointed out that election of so many Republicans to various offices (including key state ones) almost surely dilutes Palin's influence in two years, but I continue to welcome her presence on my TV screen.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Claude said...

If they want to keep the TeaParty members and the Independant voters, Republicans are better not to blow it. Too many RINOs among them willing to betray Conservatism. American people are fed up with ultra socialism, and too much government in their lives.

The lady has guts. I love the ending!


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