Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Reason to Like Michelle Obama

I don't find many so when they pop up it is worth recording.
In footage of the official welcome, Sembiring appeared to share his countrymen's enthusiasm. He smiled broadly as he shook the president's hand and then reached with both hands to grasp Michelle Obama's. But later he said she forced their contact.
His denial was in a response to tweets from Indonesians who noted the handshake and questioned his long-standing claims that, as a good Muslim, he restricts his contact with women.
Islam is one sick bunny of a religion.
On the other hand, an encouraging point about Indonesia:
One female journalist — who said the minister had refused to shake her hand — gleefully noted that now he would no longer be able to wriggle out of it.
The other encouraging point in this article is that this small incident created a bit of a Tweetfest in Indonesia. Whatever the opinions, I am delighted to think that opinions were being transmitted in great numbers.


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