Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sanity or Insanity?

It's funny - on the day of the great Sanity/Fear Rally, I flipped the remote over to CNN at one point, confident, rightly, that they would be slavishly wanting to report Stewart's party.
And what did I see?! Not quite astonishlingly I saw an Islamist walk onto the stage. Unbelievable. Well, actually not; today's lefties love these deeply disturbed individuals (common cause in deep disturbance).
But really? Did the organizers not know what a nutball Cat Stevens became after becoming Yusuf Islam? Is this poor research or is there an agenda?
The irony here is that it all makes me a lot more sympathetic to Salman Rushdie.
What a world!
Maybe this is the subtle Stewart/Colbert way of flipping it over all to Fear. Rightly.
UPDATE: Only the most negative of my thoughts are supported.
What the Fuck is Going on?!


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