Thursday, July 07, 2005

The evil ones strike again

I was just out of one meeting today at the office I am visiting in England, and one of my colleagues asked if I had heard about the bombings. It is still the case that not a lot is known publicly, other than that a number of soft targets were hit by bombings in London, in an attack certainly reminiscent of other Islamofascist assaults.
Many lives were ended today, and related ones disrupted terribly.
Sadly, the perpetrators are getting part of what they want, wide media coverage. It will be interesting as the days go by to see how the apologists for terrorists deal with it. Norm Geras has already seen some initial responses from the usual suspects and his characterization of them as contemptible is mild.
The mood of the country, especially after the Olympic bid win yesterday, is quite changed for the moment. Colleagues around me spent much of the day assuring themselves of the safety of their loved ones.
However long we have expected this, it is appalling and a great shock.


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