Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Anne of Green Gables Survives, to a Degree

Well I did get to see Soulpepper's Fool for Love tonight with some friends visiting from England.
It was a virtuoso show, with Megan Follows and Stuart Hughes performing magnificently in the lead roles; I must say, though, I left quite confused about almost everything except that the lead characters had the hots for one another and that was not likely to change, however sensible they wanted to be (and actually they did not seem to want to be very sensible). We could not determine whether the 'father' was somehow real or just a symbolic explanation of a bond that felt so deep. Perhaps I prefer Sam Shepard the actor to him as a playwright.
It turned out that my English friends were well aware of Anne of Green Gables. When I asked whether they recognized Follows as Anne of Green Gables they seemed unsure - perhaps they did not watch the show as closely as their children did. They were certainly surprised to discover the story was Canadian.
And they enjoyed the play.
Megan Follows is still hot.


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