Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Canadian pro-Galloway Party - also called NDP

Harry's Place freaked me with the news in this post.

As a result I sent e-mails to my NDP MPP on the subject. Now I should not expect a response by now, as I sent the e-mail on the weekend and commitments to unions might not allow extra effort outside normal working hours.

I continue to await some statement distancing the representative (for whom I voted) from this vicious awful nutball. I shall keep my readers posted.

To be honest I thought I would get a speedy response but I bet there is much chattering going up and down the chain on this one. Galloway is so indefensible that they must be working very hard on a story. Seems to me they need one. I would like to think even most of my leftist friends would have immediate grave difficulties with any show of support to George Galloway.

UPDATE: A whole working week of normal, even union-sanctioned, hours has passed and I have received no response. My interpretation is that the behavior of the party leaders reflects the position of the members. Well, my vote is gone for now. Awkward for me, as I have liked some of the people they get to run, but signing up for this guy is not acceptable to me by any standard.

UPDATE: I have a response and they are untroubled by Galloway (the response would suggest enthusiasm). No more voting for good local candidates running for that party.


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