Saturday, September 17, 2005

Soulpepper Season ends with sort of whimpers

We saw the last two shows of the 2005 Soulpepper season last weekend.

Ferenc Molnar's "Olympia" was an amusing rant about the ruling classes somewhat losing influence in Europe at the time it was written. Nancy Palk was magnificent in her comedic role, and Oliver Dennis was much happier in his goofy role than he proved to be as Horatio in Hamlet. This was superbly done fluff.

"The Long Valley", a synthesis of some Steinbeck stories, featured some totally bizarre female characters, and some wonderful theatricality. Now to be honest we saw only a preview, but what we did see is not something I would push others to see.

It appeared from the programmes that they may be extending their season (for the seven years they have existed it has been a summer theatre programme). This would be very welcome to me. I love what they do.


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