Thursday, September 08, 2005

TV Ontario is back in full swing - who needs the CBC?

Now that students are back going to school here, the news magazine shows on TVO are kicking back in to original material.

Here in Ontario we have one of those Cowraffe networks, TV Ontario, partly funded out of provincial funding, but also out of voluntary contributions (and I have signed up for those). I am so happy that their daily news show 'Studio 2' is back on with new material - it is generally completely excellent. Later tonight I will be taping a couple of fascinating shows, 'Love in a Cold Climate - Part 2', and 'Masterworks' (previous instances of which have been wonderful.

Much has been made in the past of Steve Paikin's salary (a silly law forces this to be published) - he is worth very cent. And I may say Megan Follows is hot but so is Paula Todd, the other co-host, and she does wonderfully intelligent interviews.

Sadly I did not manage to vote in this survey. Certainly I am enjoying the management version of the morning CBC Radio show - the hosts are apparently pretty reasonable. Meanwhile, the host who is locked out is working now on CIUT radio in the mornings; my one experience sampling that show sadly featured our mayor David Miller and a complete round of cooing mutual approval. I do not think I miss that behaviour at all.


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