Monday, December 19, 2005

Wendy Crewson was in an Episode of Street Legal!?

Just to fill in you non-Canadians, 'Street Legal' was an excellent, well, really good, TV series that ran several seasons in Canada Many of the most significant players in our acting/theatre community are veterans of that series - Albert Schultz, the brilliand father of Soulpepper, played the utterly sleazy Rob Diamond; Cynthia Dale, whom I defy anyone not to find somewhat fetching, played the perfectly awful Olivia Novak.
And now I find Season 5 opened with a series of episodes with Wendy Crewson, playing "Wendy Nelson" (well, that should have made it easier for her to remember the character's name).
My heavens though! I have watched her in the Joanne Kilbourn movies (well, TV-movies) and in the Spenser movies (well, TV-movies), but as I watch this episode, all I can say is Wow!! Even more than I have in the past. I sure wish I remembered that old 'Cherry Orchard' better.
Heavens to Betsy - Maury Chaykin is in this episode too. And he is superb, no surprise.


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