Thursday, January 12, 2006

EclectEcon and 'Law and Order' - our opinion

Back in December my co-blogger at Curling publicly confessed that he did not know how to work a VCR. He pointed out:
There is no single thing that has disturbed my sleep pattern more than the television series, "Law and Order". Once they started showing re-runs at 11pm (Eastern time) on A&E and then switched to showing the re-runs at 11pm on Bravo, I have had trouble getting to bed at a decent hour.
We who live in this house share this enthusiasm - the photo shows the two of us watching an episode broadcast today. But we are watching it on videotape! So it could have been shown at 3am two nights ago. I would suggest he get a VCR and time-shift a little.

Now until he made this posting last month, we two in the picture were not even watching the current episodes; we were taping and watching the syndicated episodes only. But driven by his post, I have now started taping, and finding ways to watch, the various new episodes. I think he and the other contributor he cites are not on the mark for the episodes I have sampled.

There was always a large element of knee-jerk social conscience that could get inane; after all, many Canadians are involved in making the series. You could be guranteed that every serial killer had been abused as a child, as a simple example.

But what has surprised me is that some of the newest episodes even have signs of puckishness, something I ussually enjoy and that I have NEVER seen in the older episodes. I strongly recommend he watch out for the two episodes I have seen featuring Estella Warren (yet another Canadian, but in a delightfully non-Canadian role - well, to be fair, her character would be a natural in 'This is Wonderland'), and, I think, Lynda Carter, as her character's mother. (IMDB says they ran originally last fall, but I watched them in the last few weeks.) I'll be chatting with him face to face soon and will press this point on him.

I do think the stunning strength of the 'Law and Order' production team has been casting; for me, given the general ensemble of actors and actresses they pull together for a season or a show, I could probably tolerate near-gibberish, performed well. They have even been smart enough to steal almost whole casts of other expiring series at times.

For those who are worried about the cross-species relationship displayed in the photo (not recognized under Canadian law), I also have a human mate, but our careers keep us apart at times. And yes, there are serious problems when the three of us are forced to share a domicile; perhaps another posting sometime.


At 5:10 AM, Blogger EclectEcon said...

Odd. I used to time-shift alot. But for some reason, I seem to enjoy watching shows as they are being broadcast rather than based on a conscious decision to watch them at a specific time. As I said, odd.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Right now, for htings like mini-series, or any series I hope to watch regularly, the VCR is a key tool. I look forward to retirement, when I suspect it will be easier to actually ocmmit to a given time for a show.


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