Thursday, January 12, 2006

We're not allowed to make things up?

Saw my first of the Liberal attack ads that the Liberals admit they are running (I had earlier seen the one about soldiers, which they claim to have pulled). While I could see the voiceover saying "We didn't make that up" as making some vague sense, the following sentence, "We're not allowed to make things up" should surely have us all in helpless giggles.
I am very curious to see how these ads work. The Liberals are decidedly not getting the free pass in this election that they got in the last, where it seemed to me most of our major media outlets joined in the fretting about a possible Harper secret agenda. I am not sure why this has happened, but surely stupidities like this bald assertion, "We're not allowed to make things up", is not going to buy them much loyalty from even fairly robotic reporters.
As an example of what our fearless leader shamelessly makes up, consider Andrew Coyne's very sensible comments on tying the notwithstanding clause to abortion rights.
This campaign has been fascinating; the Conservatives have managed to hold together and avoid exposing themselves to having idiotic statements by some of their more exotic members take over the debate. Meanwhile, the press has actually so far resisted the siren song of anti-Americanism, which is what the Liberals will now cover the country with. Whence this new resistance? Will it disappear shortly?
My main regret is that I will be in Texas on the day of our election; of course, if I am really lucky, I might get to see the great smile that the Liberals are telling us will be on George Bush's face should Martin get what he seems to deserve.

UPDATE: Bob Tarantino is as baffled as I am.


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