Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kevin Bacon Movies

I have been driven to commenting at one of the toniest of blogs - Oxblog. David Adesnik calls 'Wild Things' the trashiest movie ever (no, don't take him seriously, he is young, a few months ago I tried to explain to him what garbage the TV show "MASH" was compared to the movie, and he did some research - he agreed - if he wants trash - let him ask), and when I saw his comment, I could not believe he meant "trash" as an insult. I think with some reading between the lines I am right. Man, it featured Kevin Bacon and Theresa Russell! Is there any way to have a low opinion of any film featuring either of those stars? And then add Matt Dillon into the mix! Does he lack fundamental sense?
As a side point, I seem to recall that one of my sisters told me at Christmas that my Kevin Bacon degrees of separation number was now down to four or so. Maybe this blog comment can improve the situation even more!


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