Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh those Canada Geese

Baron Bodissey gets himself into quite a bad mood about our national bird here.
Some interesting facts for people being colonized by these little monsters - I suggest they ought to get their parks people in touch with ours - in the last few years I have seen NO new generations of Canada Geese being raised in the areas I frequent - this is also true of mallards. Whatever measures are being applied are clearly not being meted out on swans, as you could infer from earlier posts. Two years ago, one bold mallard actually had a clutch of children, but she was a rare feature in these new times.
I do not know what our parks people are doing. I do not think I want to know. But your parks people should find out.
These creatures are impressive - I have yet to go anywhere in the world and NOT see a Canada Goose. They are arrogant and ill-tempered and I admire them mightily. Biology has not been kind to them (eating grass is pretty poor economics in some ways) but they have certainly adapted.


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