Friday, January 13, 2006


My wish to watch the regular political newscast hosted by Don Newman is compromised by a speech being given by Paul Martin. It is just making me feel sad now.
My first recollections of him in any significant way are of seeing him on television chairing a gathering of economists in the early 1990s; he was great, he had developed a great rapport with the guys he had gathered, and this meeting led to the series of changes that radically addressed the Canadian deficit. Whatever the various adjustment costs, this was largely a good change.

As Chretien's lieutenant as Finance Minister, he carried out the discipline that came out of that gathering. Well that is how it looked. At this point all I can say is we miss Chretien and how he knew how to manage.

A year ago he ran a campaign and the press paved his path. Their support left him hanging on to government.

Now what are the questions? First, what about the crookedness in one of your ridings (Hamilton). No substantial answer. Another reporter - all you say about the infeasibility of the Conservative programme you said before and then did roughly what they proposed. Answer - mostly blather. Next question - Gomery - Liberal candidate bribing NDPer (Abbotsford) - answer - I repudiate that candidate. Next question seems to criticize Martin for taking that action.

Where did the free pass go? How come the press is actually asking questions? Is this really Canada?

Thank Heaven - Don Newman is back!

But back to main topic - and this has nagged me for a while. What were Martin's skills? - he surely had some. But it does not seem this job fits them.


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