Thursday, January 12, 2006

I thought about the Perimeter Institute this morning

For a bunch of reasons, but triggered by Paul Martin's making a bunch of innovation-or-the-like-funding announcements today.
Some of the reasons:
a) I think the development of RIM is a really great story
b) I think what Lazarides of RIM has done in creating the Perimeter Institute is a really great thing
c) in a specific way, it meant that as I was doing some of my regular Toronto-London-Toronto drives this year, I got to see not merely signs advertising Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo, but also some Einstein Festival
d) it is nice to think that the University of Waterloo, one of my alma maters, and also a generous employer in my first career, has this prestigious component
e) it has meant that my human partner and I have been able to enjoy many very interesting lectures on Friday nights on our Rogers cable stations, covering cosmology, relativity, quantum computing, and what not.

So I thought, well, yes., I can see that the Perimeter Institute guys would be all signed up to the Liberal campaign activities, and it makes some sense for them to participate. After all, they surely want the money.

Little did I know, it seems. Doing my usual end of day reads of Paul Wells' blog, I was stunned to encounter this.

Fascinating. Standards. The Integrity not to compromise them. I so wish I saw that in any of our political parties.


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