Friday, January 27, 2006

What a Dope

I am sitting in an airport lounge in Denver, wishing I had a slightly better view of the mountains, though I will admit it beats heck out of any view of the mountains I get from my home.
When I get to an airport lounge, one of the first things I do is try to get on-line. This usually involves dealing with T-Mobile.
This can be a very frustrating process - I usually sign up for their plan that costs $6.00 for the first login, and $0.10 per minute afterwards, figuring I really need only to clean up some mail and create a blog post, so should not need more than an hour. Now what I hate about this process is the constant reinvention of userids, re-entry of credit card information, and filling in of other information, which almost always has to be iterated several times because of key omissions and errors I make. I have also been noticing too that it is getting harder and harder to invent a reasonable userid that is not taken. Today I resorted to using my cat's full name!
And then it hit me, for the first time in oh these many business trips! If you don't already consider me an idiot, go back and read the description of the plan I use.
All those accounts are still there and available for my use in areas served by T-Mobile! This most loathed of repetitive processes need never have been repeated - all I had to do was remember ONE userid!
Now there is no guarantee I will manage that. We should know by the end of April.


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