Thursday, January 26, 2006

You looked for That and got Me Instead?

One of the great things about a site meter is the joy of analyzing what
on Earth brought a visitor to your blog. Often they just
link from somewhere - my top provider there is still Oxblog, with
EclectEcon and Wonkitties closing as Oxblog falters. But it is the
searches that are the most fun.

Some of the recent searches that have led to my blog include the
following (starting with the most recent and going back in time, and leaving out cases where I simply KNOW who it is) :
1. Alan Adamson
5 minutes ago, creeps me out a bit, and done from near my old home town
2. Alan Adamson
an hour ago, from the same place, getting really creepy
3. Alan Adamson
two hours ago, from the same place, maybe I should not talk so much about where I am located at any given time
4. "slings and arrows" lear "paul gross"
From nowhere near any of my homes - someone with a shared enthusiasm - that feels better
5. Austin city
From someone in Austin - and I was the top hit! weird algorithms
6. Alan Adamson
Yup - same IP address, 4 hours ago
Also from my old home town - but what a weird thing to put in a search engine!
8. bracelet dominus ancillae
Oh that makes me a bit nostalgic - and from Clarksville, TN, of the last train
9. Underworld Evolution
Likely the Geoff Pevere type - but from Missouri
10. "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" literary review analysis
From Bangkok! This got to me?
11. Kinky Friedman
From Austin, Texas! How timely
From Arlington, Va. I suspect some tool is creating these odd searches
13. Austin
From San Francisco. That got to me?

Number 8 is still touching me.


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